14 Respostas de 500 CEOS Mundiais e datas pós pandemia – FORTUNE SURVEYED THE CEOS OF THE 2020

Fortune 500 CEOs Survey results

Acesse aqui e Conheça os Resultados das opiniões de 500 CEOS mundiais sobre:

1. When will economic activity return to the level it was before ?

2. When will at least 90% of your workforce have returnes to their usual workplace ?

3. When wil business travel at your company return to the levels it was before the Pandemic ?

4.Have you laid off or furloughed workers in response to the crisis ?

5. In January 2021, how do you expect your company’s total employment to compare to what it was in January 2020 ?

6. At my company, this crisis wil have effect on the pace of technological transformation ?

7. Have you agreed to a cut in compensation as a resulto of the criris ?

8.When do you expect capital spending at your company to exceed 2019 levels ?

9. Last August, the business roundtable issued a statement emphazing companies’ responsabilities to various stakeholders. Which statement below comes closest to reflecting your view ?

10. Please rate the performance of each the following in adressing the crisis

11. Regarding moving toward stakeholders capitalism, I believe the Pandemic will ?

12. The single most important thing the crisis taught me is (open-ended)

13. Which Country or Regions do you see as presenting the best investiment opportunity in the next year ?

14. After the Pendemic passes, how will the world have changed ?






Fortune 500 CEOs Survey results